9 Tips for Dealing with the Humidity and Your Hair

Oh, The Humidity! Summer heat can put a damper on your hair plans. Your styled looks can go from luscious to lackluster in mere minutes from the humidity. We’re here to guide you to the best ways of dealing with the humidity and maintaining that fabulous hair.

What Causes Humidity Hair? 

Think of your hair as a piece of spaghetti. When you get spaghetti wet, it becomes loose and takes a different shape. If you put it out in the sun all curled up, it will dry in the shape you made. That is what is happening to your hair. Humidity creates moisture in the air which in turn, puts moisture in your hair. This then changes the chemistry in your hair to react differently. As your hair dries with this new moisture, it takes on a new shape that we call frizz. 

1. Use an Anti-Frizz Product

Anti-Frizz products are an infallible way to control your hair from humidity. Our recommended anti-frizz finishing cream from Warren Tricomi helps control frizz and unruly fly away hair. This finishing cream is infused with argan oil for moisture to keep your hair looking fresh. When your hair dries out, the humidity can take control and make your hair frizzy. Keeping that moisture locked in makes your hair say goodbye to frizz.

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2. Lock in with serum

Serums can be a blessing when your hair is frizz central. Our recommended serum for the summer heat is Warren Tricomi Deep Conditioning Serum with Argan Oil.  This deep conditioning argan oil serum instantly absorbs into your hair producing smooth and incredibly shiny hair. Goodbye Frizz!

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3. Invest in a Microfiber towel

A microfiber towel helps reduce frizz and damage to your hair. Normal towels can cause tears in your hair since your hair is so fragile when wet. The best way to reduce damage is to use a microfiber towel and pat your hair dry.



 4. Moisturize your hair with the right Shampoo & Conditioner

Moisture is your friend and especially during the summer times. Hydration starts from the shower; so, indulging in a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is your ticket to healthy, happy, humidity free hair. Our recommendation is the Warren Tricomi Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. They are infused with argan oil to eliminate that dry brittle feelings and add the necessary moisture that your hair needs.

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 5. Indulge in a moisturizing hair mask 1-2 times a week 

Hair masks are a great way to keep your hair hydrated. Hydration can help combat the humidity to keep your hair looking the way you want it. We recommend the Shu Uemura Urban Moisture Hair Mask because it adds intense nourishment and hydration. The lightweight formula smooths and protects against future dryness leaving your hair with a healthy glow.  

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 6. Style your hair with braids

One helpful way to have awesome hair in the summer while keeping the humidity and sun from causing additional damage are braids.  They are a locked in look that holds throughout the day. Braids are a timeless look that you can create on any hair type.


 6. Restorative hair masks to the rescue!

Heat + sun + water dries out your hair. During the summer we love to be outside and enjoying the warmth and going for a swim, but our hair does not. A hair mask can really restore the loss moisture in your hair.  Warren Tricomi Restorative Hair Mask is one of our favorites. This hair mask will give you that extra moisture and hydration that your hair is looking for.

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8. Get the Curl You Want

Curls are beautiful, add humidity and sometimes they can really change how your curl looks. To keep your curls looking their best we recommend the Warren Tricomi Curl Control. This product will define your curls while adding the right amount of volume, shine, and texture. It's humidity resistant, will reduce frizz, and retain your luscious curls. 

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 9. Embrace your natural hair

Whether your hair is short, long, or in between, we love your hair and you should too! These steps help maintain that frizz and to keep your hair healthier for longer, but your hair is YOU. Embrace it. Your hair is beautiful, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

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