"HAIR NOW" with Edward Tricomi Featuring Must-Have Hair Products

This week on Hair Now with Edward Tricomi, it was all about the top MUST HAVE haircare products for all your hair needs. The Warren Tricomi Collection doesn't just look high-end, it FEELS high-end. 

When creating Warren Tricomi products, Edward thought about how each product would be used and what would be the most beneficial for clients as well as stylists. That's why he created the perfect formula in each product to satisfy everything your hair craves and every stylist needs.


Let’s Talk About Products

Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

            This “phenomenal” shampoo and conditioner are specifically made to give you more volume while also feeling lightweight. Edwards informs us that volume shampoos have more detergent in them, which tends to strip the hair from oils which helps achieve that volume you’re looking for.

The volume shampoo revitalizes and infuses weightless volume while delicately freeing the hair and scalp of surface impurities. Pro vitamin B5 strengthens the hair while adding shine. Sulfate and paraben free.

The volume conditioner is especially formulated to gently infuse weightless volume and strength. Leaves hair nourished while maximizing volume and body.

To purchase the conditioner click here, to purchase the shampoo click here.




Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

This favorite is for normal to dry hair and is formulated with botanicals and rosemary to keep hair nourished and healthy. It is a paraben free, environmentally safe, and made with the best ingredients. Especially if you are exposed to a lot of sun, this shampoo and conditioner will make you feel brand new.

The moisturizing shampoo is a gentle hydrating cleanser infused with argan oil that adds moisture to the hair, eliminating a dry and brittle feeling. Prepares the hair for conditioning. Safe for color treated hair and extensions.

The moisturizing conditioner is a hydrating conditioner with argan oil that gently detangles and adds moisture to hair. Formula is rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help restore dry and brittle hair. Argan oil acts as a uv protector and free radical neutralizer. Safe for extension and color treated hair.

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Detangling Mist

This product will leave your hair feeling smooth and nourished because this doesn’t only just detangle but works as a leave in conditioner as well. This detangling mist increases flexibility to decrease damage during styling while strengthening it as well.

Long & Strong is a revolutionary detangling and leave-in conditioner that increases flexibility to decrease damage during styling. Detangles while it strengthens & smoothes.

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Restorative Hair Mask

This weekly mask is a deep conditioner that you leave in for 10 minutes and rinse it through. It hydrates your hair and is great for your scalp and hair when you use it 1 to 2 times a week.

This reconstructive formula is rich in shea butter and argan oil deeply penetrates to rebuild hair’s strength, restore elasticity, and hydrate dry or damaged hair. Color and extensions safe. Paraben free. Salt free.

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Grooming products



Argan Oil

            After freshly blow drying your hair, just add a couple drops onto your palms, rub them together and run your fingers into your hair to achieve soft silky salon styled hair. One of Edwards absolute must have products that he uses consistently. This Argan oil will add back moisture into your hair that shampooing took out. Edward recommends only washing your hair every other day to keep hair healthy because washing your hair too frequently can cause you to strip away the natural oils. Those natural oils keep your hair looking healthy and fresh. The Argan oil can help with any loss of those natural oils.

This deep conditioning argan oil serum instantly absorbs into your hair producing smooth and incredibly shiny hair. Expect long-lasting smoothness and shine.

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Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream

This pump leave-in conditioner is amazing for frizz control because it will add moisture into your hair from dry heat or cold especially during these upcoming winter months. Combining this with Argan oil is Edward's secret concoction that makes your hair healthy and look phenomenal.

This fast drying anti-frizz finishing cream helps control frizz and unruly fly away hair. Leaves hair with an unmatchable shine and control. Infused with argan oil for moisture.

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Cut and Shine

This product adds tons of shine to the hair and smooths frizz and dry ends. Just rub into palms and directly onto hair, you’re good to go.

Cut & Shine adds brilliant shine to dry or dull hair. Smoothes frizz and dry ends. Paraben free.

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Blow Dry Serum

This is important to use because you don’t want to burn your hair! This will protect the hair from the heat damage caused from a blow dryer. The serum seals the cuticle and gives hair stability making the blow dry last longer. Edwards favorite method of blow drying hair is called ABC method. This is the best way to blow dry your hair, you take the first upper section of hair called A and dry it moving towards the middle section called B and right to the last section C. This keeps the blower always moving throughout the hair to reduce damage.

Humidity- resistant Blow Dry Serum seals the cuticle to control frizz, visibly improving the appearance of your hair. When used with heat, shine is intensified. Safe on color-treated hair. Paraben free.

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Flexible Hairspray provides exceptional all-day hold that never leaves flakes or leaves behind a sticky residue, or buildup. Leaves hair looking natural while adding strength and volume. Our fast-drying advanced styling technology adds gloss while fighting off humidity so it will give your hair some hold but can easily break down and doesn’t get sticky. It’s easy to change your mind if you don’t like the style you chose.

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Superhold Hairspray is for styles that need extra hold. Holds styles and updos in place for long-lasting wear. When you want slick style and a lot of hold, this hold is “like concrete." It will stay exactly where you put it, no matter what - keeping those curls in tack and updos in place.

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Orange Gel

This gel helps achieve slick hair or give more body to hair when wet to help make beach waves are curls stay. If you’re a guy, it really helps to slick your hair back and help mold the hair.

A super holding and volumizing gel builds touchable, long-lasting and flexible control without weighing down the hair. Ideal for blow drying or wet styling. Alcohol-free and botanically enriched.

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Warren Tricomi’s number 1 seller, this lightweight formula gives hold and gives a lot of body and volume to the hair when blow drying. Made for all hair types.

Our mousse provides unbelievable lift and volume to all hair types. Paraben free.

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Hot tools spray

This product increases protection for the hair when using hot tools such as curling irons or straightening irons. It helps keep hold, and body and is great for fine limp hair.

Hot Tools Spray is excellent when used with curling irons, flat irons and rollers. This non-sticking thermal protectant prevents hair damage by permitting a clean release from styling tools. Hair is left brushable and volumized. Paraben free.

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Molding Clay

Formulated like a pomade, but this molding clay is anything but greasy. It has a slight tack to accent haircuts or styles like short spiky hair. To purchase, click here.

Finish, define and texturize long or short styles. Clay adds body and thickness. Light formula absorbs quickly. Alcohol and Paraben free.







Even though we aren't traveling much these days, we can’t forget about the travel size line! It is perfect for throwing in your bag especially when you're out and you need a quick touch up.



L'Oréal Hair Color

Warren Tricomi is a L'Oréal flagship salon - Edward asserts there is nobody better than L'Oréal at making color!


Get a glaze!

A glaze is a tint to the hair so when your hair looks dry it will help re-pigment your hair to make it look luscious. You can replace that color by having a glaze to achieve great looking hair and looking great after the summer going into the winter.

To book a glaze appointment, call 212-262-8899 or book online.

Milbon Hair Treatments

Milbon offers a 3-step system that can repair, strengthen and give you healthy hair! Edward recommends getting an in-salon hair treatment to repair, smooth and reconstruct your hair with Milbon.

Warren Tricomi offers 3 Milbon hair treatments for all your hair needs - book online now.

Edward also announced at the end of his talk that there are new products in creation, and we are just dying to see what they are!

Tune in next week!

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