Top 3 Oils For Gorgeous, Healthy Hair

A New Year means new hair goals! Whether you're growing it out, chopping it off, doing balayage or babylights, there is one thing nearly ALL hair types could use a little more of . . . Hair oil! 

Most of us tend to fall into at least one (if not more) of the following hair types: Curly Hair, Heat-Addicted Hair, and Second-Day Hair.

Although our hair types and goals may differ, it's pretty safe to say that we're all seeking nourishment, protection, shine, softness, and a healthy polished look to our locks. Great news- hair oil is a magnificent product to help you achieve gorgeous healthy hair. The caveat is just a matter of knowing which oil is best for you and how to apply it properly! 

At Warren-Tricomi, we have found that hair oil success frequently depends on one thing- the application. Proper technique and amount of hair oil can be the difference between an epic hair fail and the holy hair grail. Let us indulge in our three favorite hair oils and a few tips from our specialists to help set you up for hair oil perfection! 

As discussed, and like with most hair products, the application is everything! Often, if we're dissatisfied with a particular professional salon product, it could be simply (and respectfully) that we're misusing it. 

When it comes to the application of hair oils, your very own hands are the perfect styling tool! Pump your favorite Hair oil into your palm and rub it between your hands and fingers; this is essential to know because the heat from your hands will help to achieve an even distribution. After your hands are coated, imagine them as if they are a brush or comb. Next, begin to "comb" the oil into your hair, starting from mid-lengths to ends. This brings us to the "BIG" and extremely relevant question: how much oil should you use?! Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer, it is unique to you, and only YOUR hair knows the perfect amount! But do not fret; we are here to help guide you through this Hair oil journey and figure it out together.

While the amount of hair oil we use will differ, we know the general range is 1-5 pumps depending on the length, texture, thickness, condition, and of course, your intentions. We suggest you start small and build from there. Begin with one pump, then layer by adding one more pump each time until you reach your desired result. After a few applications, you'll be a pro and know your "magic number" for high shine, definition, heat protection, and deliciously fragrant hair.

Now that we understand the application and measurements of hair oils more clearly let's see which one is perfect for your hair goals. We carry various hair oils to accommodate each individual's desired moisture, shine, and thermal protection level, but here are our top three favorites! 

Heat Styling

This one is for our dear clients who have a very close relationship with their blow driers and irons! From sleek and straight to iconic barrel curls, and of course, the most voluminous blowout! We see you, we understand entirely, and we are here to help! If you're blow-drying or using an iron often, hair oil is vital to incorporate into your hair care routine. Some might even say: It is a non-negotiable to maintain those beautiful tresses. 

Our favorite hair oil for thermal protection and maintaining the natural lipid level in your hair is Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil. This universal oil is great for all hair types, has excellent heat protection, and smells exquisite!  

Pro Tip: Think of your hair as a fabric. When we consider cotton vs. silk, the difference in how we care for the two is light-years apart. Cotton items we wear, throw in the wash, pour bleach in, use the hot water and high agitation cycle. Cotton is strong and durable; it can handle this. Silk, however, a very different story. Silk is much more fragile. Knowing this, we are mindful of ensuring it's cleaned and cared for properly to preserve the garment's integrity. Your hair is just like silk! It's crucial to protect those beautiful, delicate locks before applying any heat. 

Fun- Fact: Using Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil in damp hair as a pre-styling primer can shorten blow dry time while protecting it from damage! 

The main ingredient, Camellia oil, rapidly absorbs deep into the hair fiber and will not weigh down even the finest hair! Conquer the day, knowing your hair has UV protection, superior shine, and a heavenly fragrance, all delivered from this one incredible product! 

Curly Girls

Hair oils were positively made for curls! One of the reasons curly hair tends to look dry and frizzy is because the hair's outer layer, the cuticle, remains open, not allowing the light to reflect and the hair to shine. Curly hair tends to be dry naturally; thus, the hair is continuously seeking moisture through the air (hence why curls respond and get bigger in more humid environments). 

Hair oils can tame, hydrate, and define curly locks, leaving a glass-like shine. We love Kérastase ELIXIR ULTIME L'Huile Original Hair Oil for curls! This Anit-Frizz miracle oil delivers instant moisture, nutrition, and high-shine to the hair fiber using the sacred Marula oil. And just in case your curly locks need a little encouragement from the curling iron, it boasts heat protection up to 230 degrees celsius. Perhaps the best smelling product we carry, the woodsy fragrance, is absolutely divine and is loved by all!

Pro Tip: To define your luscious curly locks, apply to damp hair, one strand at a time. Twist it through the mid-lengths of the hair and all the way to the ends, then let air dry. Most importantly: resist the urge to touch it while air drying, or you risk getting frizz from your hands' friction!

For those days when the humidity is exponential, take Elixir Ultime with you on the go! Throughout the day, apply a pump to your hands and comb through using your fingers as needed. Remember to focus on the frizzier areas. Elixir Ultime helps define and fix frizzy curls by hydrating them and encouraging the cuticle to close, leaving those beautiful, bouncy coils shiny, smooth, and happy! Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Oil will be your go-to when on-the-go! Hehe!

Second-day Hair

We are obsessed with Second-day hair! Our goal and intentions for Second-day hair are: easy, messy, sexy, and fun! Believe it or not, often, Second-day hair ends up looking extremely high-fashion. And let's be real, it takes a little work to get that effortless look, oh the irony! So whether you're pressed for time or your hair gets dried out if you wash too frequently, many of us can relate! Or maybe you just prefer that sexy, textured, unwashed look- fair to say we sure do! 

When we discuss "second-day hair," dry shampoo and other cleansing products are typically involved. While those are great for absorbing the unwanted oils in the scalp area, unfortunately, they can also dry the hair out in the process. This is where Hair oil steps in and is the perfect way to nourish your mid-lengths. We love WARREN TRICOMI Deep Conditioning Serum with Argan Oil! It's the perfect refresher for days when you choose not to wash and try to maximize that blow-dry from the day before! 

Pro Tip: Simply add a quick pump to your hands and voila- reshape and redefine your locks in seconds! Warren Tricomi Deep Conditioning Argan Oil will help you rework your look while increasing moisture and flexibility. Those gorgeous locks will be nourished and shiny with a delightfully renewed fragrance! 

Ready to add one of these incredible Hair oils to your repertoire? Simply head over to our product page to shop from the comfort of your home!


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