How often should you cut and color your hair?!

There is no exact answer here. Because we are all individuals and have various hair needs and goals, the answer to this will fluctuate based on your hair texture, length, porosity, and overall hair integrity. Please read on as we will reveal all of these factors to help you make a knowledgeable choice on when to pre-book your visits. No matter what your hair intentions are, we've got you covered, so long-live beautifully colored, and gorgeously styled hair! 

How often should I color my hair?  

Wondering when to schedule your next color serves to maintain those gorgeous locks? Your Professional Colorist here at Warren Tricomi will gladly recommend how many weeks to book out for your next visit. However, there are a few universal things to consider regarding hair color maintenance and how often you should be getting your color refreshed! 

Hair color visits tend to fall into two-time frames: four to six weeks or eight to twelve weeks. To help determine which one you fall into, the first two factors to consider are pretty straightforward: your hair type and your individual goals for coloring your hair. 



Hair that grows fast, covering gray and bold change in hair color.  

Let's talk about hair type! We know that, on average, most people's hair grows about half an inch per month, but if yours grows faster than that, you may want more frequent touchups.  

When talking about hair goals, if your natural hair color is dark and you're looking to be two or more levels lighter, we suggest booking your retouch every four weeks! In the same way, if you're covering gray hair, you'll want to maintain your color and guarantee full coverage by seeing your colorist for a retouch every four to six weeks. Visiting the salon every four to six weeks allows for seamless application, perfectly even color, and avoids the dreaded color correction! 

Your unique hair intentions matter! Are you switching it up and going for a BIG, bold change in 2021?! If so, to achieve this look, your hair goals likely include a global color application, and you should plan to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks to keep your trendy new look polished, fresh, and on-point! 

 Dimensional, highlighted hair!

Maybe you're thinking of adding some playful dimension to your locks and considering balayage or baby lights. There's nothing like adding brightness and contrast to give you a little extra bounce in your step as we head into the season of renewal, Spring. The glorious news about highlights is that they're not nearly as high maintenance as you might think. Highlights are designed to add contrast and dimension; they're not meant to deliver an overall color change. Once they're in the hair, there isn't a ton of upkeep involved. They can have a very graceful grow out, evolving ever-so beautifully along the way. Depending on how fast your hair grows, they usually require refreshing every 8-12 weeks. 

How to Combate hair color oxidation!

The final consideration on when to color your hair is your personal preferences. We find it best to have a "proactive" approach to maintaining your hair color. 

After leaving the salon, most people who color their hair will experience a natural oxidation process, or, simply put - hair color lightening. Exposure to the elements, when you're outside in the sun or otherwise expose your hair to UV light, chemicals, blowdrying, and heat implements, can cause your hair to "oxidize" AKA lighten and start revealing some reddish undertones ~ think one word, brassy. . . eeek! 

Unfortunately, we can't avoid this process, and how quickly hair color oxidizes can vary for each individual. However, there is hope! We can do several things to help delay this process by keeping the hair healthy, hydrated and protecting the hair fiber so that your original hair color will stay vibrant and rich and ultimately last longer.

Pro Tip: Choose a proper haircare system at home and keep your color looking its absolute best in-between visits! This is the first and most important investment you can make to maintain your beautiful hair color. To make things a little easier for you, all of our products at Warren Tricomi are color-safe. We recommend speaking with your Professional Colorist to determine which haircare system will be best for your individual hair needs. Another brilliant idea for keeping your color looking its best is a hair gloss. 

Hair glosses are a popular option for refreshing your lovely hair hue without getting a global color application. They are quick, cost-effective, tangible, and leave the hair with impeccable shine! 

How often should I cut my hair?

Are you wondering when you'll need your next trim? Your stylist can certainly give the best recommendation of how many weeks to pre-book your next appointment based on your particular hair needs. But if you forgot to set up the last time you were at the salon, here's a helpful guide to follow according to length, texture, and style. 

As anticipated, short haircuts like pixie cuts, undercuts, mini fringes, and other short lengths will require more maintenance (quite possibly as often as every two weeks)! Whereas longer haircuts, especially with layers, tend to evolve and grow out more smoothly, without too many so-called awkward phases. 

If it's been a while. . . keep in mind, you might need a whole new haircut entirely to restore your look and bring back your unique style.

If you have short, damaged, or fine hair!

If you have a precision short-cut, think pixie, undercut bob, or bowl; you'll want to get it trimmed more often to maintain the shape and make styling your short hair more manageable. Since these cuts are typically a pristine look, too much hair growth will dilute the style! Plan to see your stylist for a fresh trim about every four weeks.

In addition to short styles, if you have damaged or over-processed hair, you will also want to get a trim every four weeks. There is no magic to undo chemical damage. However, frequent trims will gradually phase out the compromised hair, thus allowing new growth to take its place. 

The final hair type we recommend coming in every four weeks is fine hair. Fine hair can be extremely fickle as you can go weeks with it looking tidy, and then suddenly, one morning, it won't style for you and is sort-of blah. A four-week appointment with your stylist will keep it in check! 

If you have medium-length hair or a layered cut! 

The changes in medium-length hair cuts as it grows out are a little less prominent; this length can stretch it a bit longer between trims. Ironically, this is the only category hairstylists suggest for the prevailing six to eight-week rule. It's the ideal amount of time to let your hair grow for length and yet short enough to retain those gorgeous face-framing pieces. The coveted six to eight-week time frame also applies to those who have lots of different layers. Think shag, textured bob or lob, messy layered cut, etc. Layers have a lived-in, sexy-messy look, which helps keep this textured style haircut looking great between visits. 

Medium length, layered cuts tend to evolve nicely; however, to maintain the clean, sharp perimeter, a six-week appointment will suffice!  

If You Have curls, waves, virgin or long hair! 

If you treat your long, flowing hair as you do your skin - hydrating with masks, minimizing heat damage - you can anticipate 8 to 12 weeks until your next cut. This style doesn't have a precise shape that requires routine maintenance, which is why lots of people opt for longer hair. And if you're taking proper care of it, think home hair care system; your hair shouldn't split or break too quickly.

Virgin, unprocessed hair is essentially the strongest and healthiest hair type. If your hair has never been color-treated or exposed to various hot-tool usage, you can go up to twelve weeks between trims without any risk of looking frayed.

Last but not least, our curly-haired clients! If you have curls or waves, you are most likely vigilant about keeping your hair hydrated and on an excellent homecare regime. Two or three months is an ideal timeframe between cuts for most curls or waves! Those with spirals on the more delicate (finer) side should keep the rotation closer to eight weeks to avoid breakage. Too much length can make fine curls look stringy and stretched. Seeing your stylist for an eight-week trim will keep them looking beautiful and bouncy - just how we like them! 

Should I Cut my hair if I am growing it? 

We know it sounds counterproductive to cut your hair when you're trying to grow your hair super long. However, maintaining healthy hair and avoiding breakage are two vital components for building long, luscious locks. To avoid cutting off all of your hair-growth gains, we recommend getting a trim or even a dusting (the tiniest amount cut off possible LOL) every twelve weeks. Following this regiment will indeed prevent broken strands from destroying your long-hair dreams without cutting off all your hard-earned momentum in length. Win~Win! 

Now that you're all caught up on when to schedule your visits, head over to our online booking page to schedule your next appointment! Did you know you receive 250 loyalty points every time you book online? 

Stay safe, and see you soon! 



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