How To Tell If Your Hair Is Balanced

How To Tell If Your Hair Is Balanced.

Hair can be in three states: oily, balanced, or dry.

Knowing and understanding your hair chemistry can help you discover what your hair asking for. To optimize your current hair routine, read below to see what category you may fall into and what products you can obtain to maximize your hair health.

Oily or Having Too Much Moisture

Having moisture is good but having too much moisture can offset the good.

Here are ways you can tell if your hair has too much moisture:

  • Your hair feels gummy, or overly soft.
  • Your curls or any style has difficulty holding
  • Your hair is heavy and flat
  • Hair feels greasy soon after washing
  • Feels stringy, it stretches and stretches
  • Natural curls are weak and limp
  • When hair is wet if feels mushy or limp

To combat this issue, your hair could use some protein. Protein can incorporate the structure and strength that your hair is looking for.

A product perfect for protein building is the Kérastase RESISTANCE Masque Force Architecte Hair Mask. This mask mimics the function of keratin and rebuilds the hair. 


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Dry or Having Too Much Protein

Similar to having too much moisture, having too much protein can offset the good and make your hair brittle. To evaluate your hair, here are some examples of having too much protein. 

  • Hair breaks and snaps very easily
  • Feels rough, brittle, and tough
  • Barely stretches, usually just snaps off
  • Hair breaks when dry or wet
  • Lifeless, stiff and straw like
  • Lacks natural shine and luster
  • Hard to brush through with a lot of tangles
  • Dull shortly after washing
  • Hair has more breakage than normal

To combat this issue, your hair could use more moisture. To bring back some elasticity to your hair your need a moisturizing product.

A product we recommend is the Warren Tricomi Restorative Hair Mask. This hair mask rebuild's hair's strength, restore hair's elasticity and give your hair the moisture it needs.


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Balanced Hair

Your ideal hair is balanced. Equal part moisture and equal part protein. To determine if you have balanced hair look for these characteristics.

  • Hair stretches slight but will return to its original state without breaking.
  • Holds style well
  • Little to no breakage
  • Full of life

Maintain having balanced hair by using a combination of protein based and moisture based products.

Kérastase NUTRITIVE Bain Satin 1 Shampoo is a product that is perfect for hair that is already balanced. It creates soft hair and is essential nutrition for healthy hair. 

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