Our Favorite Fall Haircut Trends of 2020

As fall approaches and summer ends, now is a great time incorporate a little change. A fresh new haircut can brighten your summer ending blues and get you excited for the fall. Your hair may be due for a haircut especially if you haven’t gotten one since the pandemic started. If you’re itching to get a haircut, this is definitely the time! Don't let those split ends get too comfortable. Plus, we think these Fall trends are just TOO GOOD to pass up.



We love a good short haircut, and the pixie is the star of short haircuts. This freeing haircut takes you from boring to daring. This may be a bold haircut if you’re not used to short hair, but it is fun and exciting to style. The best part about a pixie haircut is that it takes minimal effort to make you look cute and put together. Just make sure you have a good styling cream and you’re good to go.


If you don’t think you are ready for that full chop to pixie, how about a classic bob? A bob is that perfect step before going super short to see what you like and enough hair to still pull it back out of your face when going for a run. Still too short? How about the bob's sister, the Lob? This is slightly longer than the bob and usually tends to be shorter in the back with longer pieces in the front. Whichever style you choose, you will be so happy that you changed your look with something so sleek and sophisticated.


If short hair isn’t for you and you love your long tresses, then spruce up your hair with some layers. Adding layers can help add volume to your hair when winter weather starts weighing it down and making it look limp. Layers are the perfect way to achieve a stylish new look, especially if you want to add more depth to your highlights.


Want to frame your face but not sure what to do? Fringe can be an excellent way to make that happen. Whether you want a full straight blunt bang, a side swept bang, or a curtain bang, all of these options can change your look entirely. Even if you don’t want to chop all your hair off, adding some fringe will sure get some heads turning this season.
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