This Season's Top 10 Hair Color Trends

When it comes to hair color at Warren Tricomi, the top trend is defined by one word: Individual. The perfect hair color is, of course, the one that looks best on you.

During fall, some hair colors just take on a different hue as the leaves begin to turn with enchanting shades of gold, red-orange, and bronze. Nothing feels quite like the season of change as when that cool breeze rolls in, and you're trading your sandals for boots and sun hats for scarves. 

If you're yearning to enter this new season with a fresh look, you've come to the right place. Allow us to share our favorite fall hair color inspo with you as we graciously move into this season of transformation!

Mushroom Blonde

It's the most versatile color of the season! This look straddles the line between dirty blonde and brunette! The perfect way for bright blondes to for the season or, conversely, for deep brunettes to lighten up a bit without making any full commitments. It's the best of both worlds! Imagine stunning multi-tonal hair color that dances with shades of light brown, beige, and grey all blended harmoniously with an overall ashy tone ~ just like the colors you'll find on the underside of a mushroom!

Creamy Blonde 

Want to maintain your blonde locks year-round, but also keep up with the trends?! Creamy Blonde is for you! The milky blend of platinum infused with sandy blonde is the perfect transitional shade for all of our bleach-blondes looking to add depth for fall, without losing their overall blonde aesthetic or dealing with a significant contrasting shock. Win-Win!



Why mess with a good thing?! It's no surprise that this gorgeous mixture of blonde and brunette tones is still going strong for fall. We think this is mostly because of its enchanting ability to add warmth to even the palest skin tones instantaneously! When using a balayage technique, you're sure to have a low-maintenance look that is always on trend!


Rooted Gold 

Looking for a low-maintenance style, but still craving that glow up for the new season? This iconic shadowed root with bright and bold mid-length to ends is for you! Shadowed roots are reminiscent of the ombre look but bolder. The point of difference is that ombre has more of a blended appearance, whereas this look keeps the darkness primarily at the root area. Fearless, bold roots are definitely a trend we'll be seeing a lot of this fall. It's modern, high-fashion appeal has our full attention- that's for sure!

Pumpkin Spice

It's back!!! And it's not just your favorite latte. Pumpkin Spice is also a fall hair color trend! PSL hair color is a decadent warm brunette shade with a cast of brilliant, playful coppery undertones and a flicker of fiery red. Intrigued but wondering if you could pull off this indulgent look? Do not fret; it most certainly is not one size fits all. We will customize the color palette to create an individualized, unique shade that is most flattering for you. As is your favorite fall drink, our professionals will handcraft your Pumpkin Spice hair color, exquisitely just for YOU!

Blood Orange-Red

Glowing red-copper hues are most certainly not for the faint of heart, and these quintessential scarlet shades always have their moment in the fall, and rightfully so. You can begin slowly and ease your way into this distinct pallet with a softer take by adding some strawberry-honey pieces. Or, jump right in to match the changing leaves with vibrant coppery colors. And if you dare, go for the fierce deep red-oranges that are a fun, bold option. This trend is on the rise.


Cinnamon Balayage 

Looking to bring a new element to your rich, dark hair?! A sprinkle of warm cinnamon balayage pieces can surely take your tresses to the next level for fall. Placement is crucial with this look, and, in this case, less is more. A few pops of color will brighten your face while adding dimension and effortless style. We recommend medium brunettes to give this a try. With this look, whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair texture, you're sure to experience a whimsical, warm feel that's just as gorgeous as it is low maintenance.

Golden Black

Step aside ultra dark, raven black: the new take on super dark tresses has a hint of brown mingled in. This sassy, older sister of bronde, brack, empowers you to go to the dark side without full commitment because of its subtle dimension. The key to this glamorous trend is an almost-black brunette global color with a hint of gold undertones. We suggest adding a gloss to complete the look with a glass-like shine.

Shimmering Cold Brew

Brunettes, this is you! Are you thinking about adding dimension and movement to your elegant locks? Cold Brew is the answer. This inspiration is a great way to warm up your timeless brunette color by mimicking how an iced coffee looks as you stir in a splash of cream. We recommend carefully placing bronze babylights into a darker brown base to achieve this look. A fresh, new, effortless color is sure to perk up (Haha!) those luscious brown locks for the fall season. 

Chocolate Truffle

Do the sudden cooler nights and foliage change have you wondering if your brunette tresses should be a cool or warm hue? How about a harmonious blend of both?! Chocolate Truffle invokes not just one but two variations of brown infused together. The warmer and cooler tones work collectively to design an exquisite shade of. . . well, gorgeousness!! We suggest starting with a cool truffle global color and intentionally placing warmer chocolate pieces to frame your face. We must say, this look is timeless perfection. 

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