Nail Color Inspiration For Fall

Whether you're a redhead, blonde, brunette, or anything in-between, a beautiful mani-pedi is the quintessential finishing touch to your look. Here are the top fall nail trends we expect to see this year! 

Light Grey

The most elegant nail color of the season is a soft, understated grey. We're loving this frosty matte finish, which shows off this delicate hue encompassing silvery gorgeousness! A sophisticated light grey mani is clean, chic, and incredibly versatile! Try this manicure with a round or almond shape nail for an utterly feminine combination. Dress your light grey nails up with a rich black blazer to emphasize the drama, or go with a simple white tee to compliment your classic charm.

Bronze Champagne

This rich, pretty color is absolutely stunning on all skin tones! Imagine a twist of brown and champagne infused with a potent dose of twinkling shimmer that makes it shine with glimpses of silver, metallic, and copper, depending on your angle and viewing perspective. Bronze Champagne is a glamorous yet neutral mani choice that evokes all things feminine for the fall season!


Move over metallics! The show-stopping, holographic look is turning heads and making us stop in awe! Don't be afraid; it's easier to pull this tend off than you think. Start slowly by adding a subtle glow with a delicate shimmer; or go all-in for futuristic vibes that will surely be a conversation starter! No matter how far you want to push it, the chrome mani is one look that won't be transcended!


Ombre shading is a fun, trendsetting way to switch up your favorite nail shades and give them a high-fashion look. The pretty, soft blending will provide a playful twist to your conventional manicure, especially when using trendy fall shades. We love this ultra-chic look that blends a deep merlot with a daring red. This trend has us thinking one word: vogue. Have some fun with it and pair the least likely ombre nail combos of the season by fusing chocolate with glitter or midnight blue with light grey. Use your creativity and make this a unique look- the sky's the limit! 



Tis' the season. . . or it will be very soon! Sprinkle all the glitter this fall and give your nails a shimmering style that adds a 3D effect! From happy hour cocktails to festive events, sparkly nails are a magnificent way to show off your not-so-ordinary mani. There is no lack of color options when it comes to glitter nails, but we love this silver glitter polish during the season of giving and glam. Your ornate hands will impress brightly and are certain to stand out. A glitter polish choice will surely set the tone and add a pinch more sparkle to any look.

Burnt Orange

It wouldn't make sense not to have this color on-trend as we watch the leaves change to the most beautiful shades of coppery orange. Why not compliment your manicure with the picturesque fall foliage? This intense yet vibrant hue is excellent on all skin tones and can certainly be dressed up for a meeting or worn casually in comfortable athleisure wear. Perhaps most importantly, it pairs flawlessly with our favorite fall drink: a pumpkin-spiced latte.! Have fun with it, and do accent fingers as pictured above! Burnt orange is by far a top trend for fall and has us all giving it a try!


Midnight Blue

One look at this tranquil hue, and your mind floats freely to the deep blue sea. The rich serene blue shade is reminiscent of the dimmed covering of the ocean, which still holds a hint of that brilliant blue that brings a smile to your face. . . as you stare and admire all of its depth and beauty. Be as mysterious and profound as the night sky gazing over the ocean and give this color a try at your next salon visit! 

Milk Chocolate

The temptation is real with this almost edible, gorgeous mid-tone brown! Just one glance at it, and you'll be carried right back to the 70s when this shade was everything! We love the return of this delicious trend as a nail color this go around. A milk chocolate mani is heavenly sweetness wrapped up in luxury with a distinct bite! It's a stand-out when styled with the basic neutrals in your closet. As the temps begin to drop, a milk chocolate nail hue will snuggle up flawlessly next to your cashmere and will be an unmatched addition to your lace-up leather boots!

Emerald Green

With its exquisite beauty, emerald green is a much sought-after shade, a gemstone with the cast of true royalty. Emerald green is an excellent color choice to refresh your nails this fall season! This magnificent dark precious jewel tone is on course to be one of the most fashion-forward manicures for fall. We love to pair this emerald green with black or soft neutrals like beige or tan. Dare to invoke your innermost Cleopatra at your next salon visit and give your nails this on-trend, gorgeous color.


As always, sensational reds are soaring up the style charts this fall. You'll also notice that the most exquisite red nails are soft and classic on the eyes with dreamy undertones. We're not proposing you forget about those bold and bright reds. But for a more contemporary, up-to-the-moment look, try a deep set of blackened burgundy or a drop of bordeaux! For a fierce, bold combination- extend the shade you choose to your lip color to compliment your beautiful manicure. These soft red shades look incredible on short, square nails, trendy coffin claws, or a pout! 

Creamy Blue

When the chilly air and layered looks begin to surround us, we tend to reach for the deep galaxy and midnight blue shades as our go-to's. However, we propose you try a lighter, more romantic mani before plunging into the dark side. Inspired by the timeless and enduring Pantone color of 2020, Classic Blue, this elegant muted version, creamy blue, is a trend, we adore it for the fall. Its powdery clean finish gives a feeling of delicate luxury. Whether you're a redhead, blonde, brunette, and anything in-between, a set of creamy blue nails will look great on you! Give this color a try - it may even have you feel like you're walking on a cloud.


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