Why Your Hair Deserves Ammonia-Free Professional Hair Color

At Warren Tricomi Salons, we formulate the perfect color for you using Professionnel L'oréal Inoa which is an Ammonia-Free, Fragrance-Free, Oil-Based Color. INOA is 60% oil, delivering 6 weeks of intense hydration while depositing beautiful color. INOA’s extensive portfolio provides rich color results and unlimited possibilities to create personalized looks for everyone. The INOA experience provides optimal scalp comfort and results in 50% more shine than previously colored hair.


You will notice the difference! 

Unlike traditional permanent haircolor containing ammonia, The ODS2 (Oil Delivery System) technology uses the power of oil to maximize the effectiveness of the hair coloring process with minimal concentration of alkaline agent.

A low dose of MEA (menoethanolamine) slightly opens the cuticle while the ODS2 technology envelops the hair fiber in a film of oil, propelling the water-based colorant and pushing it deeper into the hair fiber for unlimited color results and supreme respect for the hair.

INOA nourishes your hair and is less harmful than other coloring formulas. One of the most captivating features of this product is that there are no fumes. That also means no more ammonia smell that can irritate you while trying to relax as you get your hair done!

Professionnel L'oréal Inoa hair color covers up to 100% of white hair as well as having a plethora of shades to find your perfect match with 116 SHADES AVAILABLE!



Experience professional ammonia-free hair color at home by ordering a color kit.

Here's how it works: 


1. Book a virtual consultation.

Enjoy a complimentary 20 minute one-on-one video chat with any colorist of your choice. Your colorist will formulate a color kit customized to your hair color needs as discussed in the virtual consultation.


2. Order your color kit.

After your virtual consultation, email veronica@warrentricomi.com to order your customized color kit with you full name and your colorist's name so we can register your purchase and prepare your color kit.


3. Apply your color at home.

Once you receive your color kit, we recommend that you book another complimentary virtual consultation with your colorist to receive assistance in mixing and applying your color to achieve the best results.



To book a free consultation, click here.  

For an in-salon hair coloring experience, book an appointment online: 

Booking online is a simple and convenient way to book for appointment. You can select a service you would like, with the date and time that accommodate your needs.  Click here to book online.

If you have any trouble with booking you can always call or text your desired salon! We also have an app that you can download right to your phone for more convenience. 

Client Testimonials:


"Best color I've ever had, I receive compliments on it even a month after I've had it done."


"One of the best color jobs I have ever experienced in a salon."


"I get compliments ALL the time on my color! People are always asking where I get it done."


"I can always rest assured that when I leave the salon, I will have killer color and highlights."

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