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  • Tuesday Talks with Edward Tricomi Recap

    "Edwards brings up a fantastic point of "intuitive eating". Understanding, and listening to what your body needs. Your body knows what it needs and listening to it can give your body the nutrients it's craving. " View Post
  • 9 Tips for Dealing with the Humidity and Your Hair

    Oh, The Humidity! Summer heat can put a damper on your hair plans. Your styled looks can go from luscious to lack luster in mere minutes from the humidity. We’re here to guide you to the best ways of dealing with the humidity and maintaining that fabulous hair. View Post
  • The At-Home Warren Tricomi Experience

    Times are changing and the way of hair is too! Let’s face it, quarantine has taken a toll on our hair and we need to take action. Problem is, how can you do it safely and without too much risk? We have combined benefits, facts, guidelines, and safety tips on how we will help YOU get the help your hair needs at home. View Post