• Iconic Hair Salon Makes the Cut with House Calls

    Clients who demand the very best when it comes to their crowning glory can count on the iconic Warren Tricomi Salon to ensure their tresses are protected. While the high-end salon’s five national and nine international locations are back open for business, many clients are choosing to have their ... View Post
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    After countless yeast of very successful industry experience, it's safe to say the team of Warren Tricomi Salons has mastered the art of hair care.

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  • The Best Hair Styling Tips and Secrets from Professional Salon Stylists

    All the hair tricks we learned from the pros to style your hair at home. When it comes to thick hair, Edward Tricomi, master stylist and co-owner of Warren-Tricomi Salons, recommends growing your hair long with density-lessening layers or lopping it off. Just avoid shoulder-length cuts — those can look too boxy and chunky, he says. View Post