25 Stunning Haircuts Celebs in Their 50s Always Ask For

We've encountered enough badass women in their 40s, 50, 60s, and beyond to know that there are tons of outdated clichés about aging. Gone are the days where women are pressured to dress a certain way the second we hit age 40 or stop wearing our favorite makeup. (Although, there are formulas that work better for mature skin.) The general attitude around aging has seen a major shift for the better in recent years, and there's a sense of liberation that's come along with it that we absolutely love. While the number of years we've been on this earth doesn't have to control our lives, there are, indeed, some unavoidable shifts that come up the further along we get, including changes to our hair. For this reason, many women start to consider different haircuts by the time we hit age 50.

"The hair sometimes tends to get a bit thinner, the color could begin to fade away, and the hair becomes more gray and wirey,” says Edward Tricomi, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of the iconic Warren Tricomi Salons. If you've noticed one or even all of these changes in your hair as you've entered your 50s, you might be curious about which haircuts are best. We have some good news for you. You can do whatever the hell you want with your hair, whether you're 30, 50, or 90. And you don't have to just take our word for it—Tricomi agrees. "The way I see it, your haircut really has nothing to do with your age," he says. "It just doesn’t work like that. You cut hair based on someone’s body, face, and hipness factor." 


Meet the expert:

Celebrity Hairstylist Edward Tricomi

Short Haircuts

Haircuts for Women in Their 50s: Robin WrightPHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

This dreamy pixie cut is so chic. We see this kind of cut a lot on ladies in their 50s, but it's just one of the endless options available.

Haircuts for Women in Their 50s: Emma Thompson

“Some people get really lucky in life, and they have hair that grows in gray, but it grows into a beautiful silver-gray. That type of color, I love. It’s almost like platinum blonde hair," Tricomi explains. Emma is one of those lucky ladies, and her silver-white hair looks gorgeous in the longer-on-top crop she's been sporting throughout her 50s.

Haircuts for Women in Their 50s: Taraji P. Henson

"Women over 50 can wear anything. It all depends on the person and what is going to complement them best,” Tricomi adds. And for those with curly or coily hair textures, it's the perfect time to play around with your gorgeous texture.

Haircuts for Women in Their 50s: Lucy Liu

A sleek bob is an ageless cut.

Haircuts for Women in Their 50s: Viola DavisPHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

This bangs and bob combo looks absolutely incredible.

Haircuts for Women in Their 50s: Jodie FosterPHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

As shorter cuts start to grow out, you can keep them looking fresh by adding soft curls throughout.

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