Like Mischa Barton's New Look? Here's How To Get It!

So another Hollywood hair memo must have gone out- first brunette, then 80’s cuts — and now bangs are the hot trend. In addition to Nicole Kidman, Mischa Barton (left) and Paris Hilton both recently joined the fringe element with their straight across bangs. We know from tramautic haircuts in days past that bangs aren’t as easy as they look– to wear or to style– so we got a little expert advice from star stylist Edward Tricomi of NYC’s Warren-Tricomi salons. Click through to the next page to read all of his tips.

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Tips Before You Snip:

1. Look at the shape of your face first. If your forehead is short (2 fingers width or less), bangs are not for you. If your forehead is longer, straight bangs are a good bet.

2. Look at the length of your hair– the longest your hair should be is mid-chest. Otherwise, you risk looking disproportionate (and out of date). Bobs look great with straight bangs, while longer styles are flattered by side-swept or oval bangs.

3. Check out your cowlicks. A dominant one in the front of your hair can make styling next-to-impossible– same for a really strong widow’s peak.

4. Try out the look first and wear clip-on bangs for a day. If you hate it, no harm done!

Words of Wisdom:

1. Wavy or curly hair is going to be a much bigger fight with the texture of your hair. If you hit a rainy day, you run the risk of 80’s-style puffy bangs. Straight hair is much easier to control.

2. Bangs are the most difficult things to cut correctly, so do not attempt this at home. You want someone who can judge the right length and shape for your face.

3. If you get sick of the look, just push them back with a headband until they grow out!

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