The perfect haircut, cooling facial, relaxing massage or much needed eyebrow wax are all services few of us can (or want to) live without. But each of these are also services requiring a lot of time and care, and little room to socially distance. 

Hairdressers, stylists, and countless other beauty experts were forced to take a step back the last few months as quarantine rules prevented the functioning of salon services around the country. For many clients, their forced hiatus from the salon was detrimental (quarantine hair was all too real for the majority of us), and the salons themselves suffered as much as any industry out there. But despite months of forced lockdowns and subsequent fear to reenter the public space, some New York City salons did what they had to do to make it work through the pandemic. 

Some brands took their services virtual while others turned to product development to make ends meet. Whatever the case, these New York City Salons prevailed and are eager to get back be fully functioning as soon as it is possible (and safe, of course).


Plaza Hotel, New York, NY

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Photograph via


1. First of all, tell us about the salon, its creation and history.

We started in 1990 with one salon. A couple of years later, we had 57th street, which was the flagship at that time. We then opened up Greenwich, CT. We had one in the Caribbean at one point. We then opened East Hampton, Madison, and downtown. We then franchised to India and Japan.

2. What services does the salon specialize in? 

Color, haircuts, nails, medical spa, eyebrows, etc.

3. In general, how has the salon functioned for the past few lockdown months?

Any at-home visits or virtual client calls? 
Yes, virtual color consultations and at-home visits. We also offered color kits and personal consultations.

4. What is your salon’s open status right now? Any new safety precautions? 

We are fully open, we are doing normal business hours that we ran before COVID, but we are still not open up past 50% occupancy. We are following the state guidelines: all safety protocol is being adhered to and is available on our website for everyone to see. 

5. Are there other measures or new initiatives you’ve taken to make up for the losses that COVID brought? 

We have invested more into technology, and we have been working with our marketing team to market the salons and drive our sales for products online.

6. What does this salon mean for your customers? Why do you think it is so important to re-open for them fully? 

Everyone wants to open up fully. Clients have been overjoyed when I came back to cut their hair last month. People want to feel normal again and that they are in charge of their lives. I want to be able to do that for them.

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