• Like Mischa Barton's New Look? Here's How To Get It!

    So another Hollywood hair memo must have gone out- first brunette, then 80’s cuts — and now bangs are the hot trend. In addition to Nicole Kidman, Mischa Barton (left) and Paris Hilton both recently joined the fringe element with their straight across bangs. 

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  • A Stylist Explains Why a Hair Glaze Is the Best Way to "Winterize" Your Color

    "Glazes are something that will add shine and a depth to your color, especially after summer, when hair tends to become lighter, most people want to make their hair look richer," Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi salons told POPSUGAR. "One of the ways of doing that is using a glaze. The glaze will retint the hair and refresh the color back to a more depth toned color — this goes for blondes, brunettes, literally any hair color. Glazes will help a lot, and you don't really see them available at home as much as you do your typical color kits." View Post
  • 5 Hairstyle Trends On Track To Blow Up This Winter

    From a new accessory to wear to your next Q4 planning meeting to a simple ponytail upgrade that will impress everyone in your Trader Joe's line, find a five-part winter hairstyling guide, ahead. View Post