Bride in lace gown with wedding makeup and updo holding bouquet of flowers

Bridal Hair Services

Bridal Hair Trial
Collaborate with the leading bridal stylists at the Warren Tricomi Salon for your Bridal Hair Trial. You and your stylist will create two different wedding hairstyles, each customized to match the style of dress and the fashion of your wedding. Choose the bridal hairdo that best represents your personal style and the vision you have for your wedding day.

In-Salon Services
Your day begins at the Warren-Tricomi Salon. There, you can relax in an atmosphere especially created to celebrate your momentous occasion, while meeting with bridal industry’s best stylists. Your stylist will consummate all the time and effort you spent collaborating to discover the perfect wedding hairdo.

At-Home/ On-Site Services
Warren-Tricomi’s bridal hair team will meet you on location at your wedding venue. Your hairstylist will be prepared and fully equipped to transform your hair into the glamorous and sophisticated wedding hair style you have envisioned.

Bridal Makeup Services

Bridal Makeup Trial
Come into the Warren-Tricomi Salon for your Bridal Makeup Trial and collaborate with a professional makeup artist who will demonstrate two different bridal makeovers, customized to work perfectly with your veil, dress, and overall wedding presentation.

In-Salon Services
On your wedding day, your Bridal Makeup service takes place in the luxurious setting of the Warren-Tricomi Salon. There, your makeup artist will be primed and ready to deliver your wedding makeup style with refined artistic application.

At-Home/ On-Site Services
On the day of your wedding, Warren-Tricomi brings its Bridal Makeup Services to you on site at your venue or at any location of your choosing. Your professional makeup artist comes fully prepared and equipped to provide you with a brilliant bridal makeover.

wedding makeup for a bride

“Hair should be the first thing to be noticed, but the last thing a bride should think about.” – Edward Tricomi