How to Get that Silky Smooth Blowdry at Home

Whether we’re preparing for a big job interview, a girls night out, or a short notice RSVP, we all can’t make it in salon for that perfect blowout every time. So here are some tips for you to get that sleek and silky blowout from home in no time.

First, you need to gather your supplies: Warren Tricomi Blow Dry Serum, Warren Tricomi Deep Conditioning Serum, Warren Tricomi Finishing Cream, a Natural Broad Hair Bristle Brush, and a Mason Pearson Brush.

Pump a little bit of the blow dry serum into your damp hair to protect those gorgeous strands from daily styling and heated tools. Then take your treated hair and part it into different sections that can each easily fit into the palm of your hand.

Want some insight from the pros? Doing a shiny blow dry is all about repetition and using what we call, the ABC technique: A is the portion closest to your roots, B is the middle body, and C is near your ends. Take each section in your hand and use your round brush and blow dryer to run through each portion three times (AAA, BBB, CCC). Then, follow that with running through the entire section of hair from roots to ends three more times.

Make sure to take a few seconds after each section is complete to hold your ends straight and taut before you move on to the next. Once you are finished, mix a little bit of the finishing cream and argan oil in your hands and apply it throughout your hair for extra shine and to reduce frizz.

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