Learn the Basics of Keratin Protein Treatment

Summer is hard on hair. There’s heat, humidity, UV rays from the sun, and a lot of external elements coming into contact with your hair such as salt water, chlorine, and other environmental toxins. People often ask us about Keratin Protein Treatments – how they work, how long they last, and whether our keratin treatments are right for their hair type.

While your Warren Tricomi stylist can best answer those questions based on your individual hair, here’s some great keratin basics to help you understand the process.

What is keratin? Keratin is a natural protein that is a building block for your hair, skin, and nails. It enhances the structure of your hair strands to make them healthy and strong. Our Keratin protein treatment fortifies the protein into your hair to produce hair that is silky and shiny – infused with straighteners to keep your hair smooth and sleek for up to three months (sometimes even five months)!

Will it help with my frizz? Absolutely! Even with the humidity, your hair will stay silky smooth regardless of the hot summer weather. This is because the cuticle, the outside layers of each hair strand, absorb the Keratin and bond together. This nourishing bond keeps the hair strands smooth while helping to keep out environmental toxins that can damage hair.

How will my morning routine change? Because your keratin treatment is made to last, your morning routine will actually become easier and quicker. Your blow-drying time is lessened with the added keratin to your hair, and since the treatments smooth and straighten your hair, there’s little to no need for heat-activated styling tools each morning. Less exposure to heating tools means that your hair will remain healthy and strong, as well as retain luster better.

Will my hair be hard to upkeep? Upkeep is simple. Wait for a few days after treatment to wash your hair, then use a sodium and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Your stylist will make sure you have the right products to use for your hair type.

What hair types does it work for? Typically, keratin works for many different hair types, and is especially ideal for those with thick, coarse hair that tends to easily frizz. When you come into see your Warren Tricomi stylist, they can let you know if you’re a good candidate for our keratin protein treatment.

If you’re interested in getting your hair supple & healthy, our professional stylists will provide a Keratin treatment customized to your individual needs. 

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