Zoom with a Warren Tricomi colorist and/or stylist!

Enjoy a complimentary 15 minute one-on-one video chat with any stylist or colorist of your choice and gain valuable information just as you would during a salon visit!

• Identify your hair needs and discuss the best course of action with a licensed professional. 

 • Receive recommendations on the appropriate professional products for your hair type. 

 • Find out how you can achieve your hair goals - from length and texture to color and style!

Topics to discuss

 • Haircuts and hair color recommendations 

 • Hair color kit application tutorial 

 • Best shampoo and conditioner for your scalp 

 • How to revive and restore your hair 

 • How to style your hair at home 

 • What to do about hair loss 

 • How to properly detangle your hair 

 • How to remove extensions at home 

PS. Be prepared with photos of your hair goals to show your stylist/colorist!

*If you ordered an at-home hair color kit, please book a color virtual consultation so we can guide you through the application process.If you'd like to order a color kit, email